Wholesale distributors of fixings

and associated products to roofing merchants

Delivery Information

Since 2009, Artisan (Pre-Packs) has been a trading division of John George (which now also encompasses Henry Shaw), and we run our own fleet of delivery vehicles. Over the years we have found that using our own delivery vehicles means that we can be flexible and offer better customer service. With 5 depots now across the UK, our overnight transhipments ensure stock can be moved between them, and demands met across our customer base. Using our own drivers has huge advantages too; they get to know where you are and how you work, which helps to create a smooth delivery process.


About Artisan (Pre-Packs)

We are nationwide suppliers and distributors of prepacked fixings and fasteners to the building, roofing and fencing trades. Located in Reading, we are ideally situated to provide an excellent service to a wide customer base..

   READING: 0118 945 5781


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